Welding Program

FOMM is currently preparing to start the welding training program for prisoners as well as for people in the general public.

FOMM’s Approach to Implementing Sustainable Projects

Welding is an in-demand trade, offering employment opportunities in construction, shipping and manufacturing. One skilled welder could potentially earn enough to support an extended family, bringing in tens of times the income of an unskilled or semi-skilled worker. If a group of trained welders worked as a cooperative factory in a village, the transformative capability of such a work arrangement could be profound in setting people free from the grip of poverty and building villages, and the nation, from the ground up. The challenge for FOMM is how a welding school might be planned and managed from its implementation to successful long-term operation.

This training represents the most audacious vision for a vocational project in FOMM’s Village Redemption Strategy. Potential partners and stakeholders are currently being sought with a view to collaborating on developing this project, which could cost USD $1-2m to set up. FOMM’s vision for establishing a welding school in Antananarivo is to start small - by purchasing basic welding equipment and employing one part-time welding trainer to offer basic training in one prison. The most accessible prison for this pilot project is Moramanga, three hours east of the capital city Antananarivo by car. The main challenge faced by FOMM in implementing this project is funding. Will you consider supporting this project that will bring training and hope for a better future to individuals and communities – and become a catalyst for economic growth of this island nation?