Day 4 - Worship

Friends of Madagascar Mission went to two churches today because we are in a relationship with both, and were invited on the same day. The first is the home church of our translator, Luther. The second is the church of Pastor Theo, the leader of Prison Ministry. Both held great surprises for us, one of which being in church from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. was not some sort of ordeal.

Friends would like to share other impressions:

Both churches had large choirs that we were in awe of. We thought the first was wonderul, not to be outdone, but the second did just that.

Both choirs had babies and children because apparently children do not get in the way of singing here, and one never knows when the baby might need to be nursed.

There were baptisms at both. One of us noticed that everyone but the babies being baptized had the Apostles Creed memorized.

We had Communion at the second and the usher sent 12 up to the right, 12 to the left to kneel at the rail with another 24 sent up to stand behind them so that there was no lag time. The pastors never stopped distributing and the way they moved along was seamless and quick, which was necessary because the church was packed. It was nice seeing the chancel packed with people, and if an older person stumbled coming or going, someone was close to steady them.

Afterwards we returned to the old missionary compound in Isoraka, met to plan the remainder of our visitation, and had a lovely dinner.

Tomorrow we drive to Ansiribe to visit the School for the Visually Impaired and the Lutheran Nursing School. We will write of this next. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy this choir.

Enjoy this Church Choir on YouTube.

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