Day 11-Evangelist Conference Update

June 12, 2023
Three Synods' Evangelists meet on the grounds of FLM School for Visually Impaired at Tulear (we rented from the President of the synod of Tulear).

FOMM works with the Betroka, Betioky, and Ambovombe synods. We have in our Evangelist Program 56 men and women who have been trained in the three Bible Schools we help support. They reside at the Bible School during two October to June terms. They learn the Bible and practical theology.

It is hard to imagine more humble, cheerful, faithful, energetic servants of the Lord. It is an honor to help FOMM help these people.

It was a very eventful day. David Lerseth taught from the Book of Jonah. He asked if anyone had questions. These are hard workers. Working under physically and spiritually demanding conditions. David pointed out that Jonah knew discouragement and asked them if they ever feel discouraged? Well, yes, they do! It was a timely message and David was led to it and inspired on how to teach the evangelists by the Holy Spirit.

David and Jeff Tetzlaff had many meetings, our new staff person for accounting met with treasurers of the various ministries who were present. We even bought 20 bicycles in Antsiribe and had them delivered here. They are for the new evangelists. It is a hard life here, and some of the evangelists retired and are replaced by more recent graduates.

They have another full day of conference. The FOMM team will leave at noon tomorrow to return to Antananarivo for more meetings. More later!

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