Back Without a Scratch

Back without a scratch. Well, not the kind one can put a band-aid on.

The 2023 Education Mission Trip was very successful and extremely educational. We saw the very good work done by our partners in the Malagasy Lutheran Church. We also saw some additional needs that need to be addressed, but that is in God's hands.

This is my left hand, holding the ziplock with the band-aids I brought. I didn't use any. The cuts and scratches I got there are not the type seen by the naked eye. They are deeper.

Pray with me, please.
Our God and Father,
There are so many things we cannot understand, but we do know the grace and mercy you have already shown in our lives. We thank you for the forgiveness we have in Jesus Christ. We thank you for all your love. It is overwhelming at times. I thank you for the love shown by our friends in Madagascar. Bless them, Father. Help that country. Help us to do whatever we can, in words and in action.

In Jesus.


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