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Educational Mission Trip 2023

Mission Trip in June!David Lerseth2023-05-22
Ready to Go!Eric Swensson2023-05-29
DelaysFOMM 2023-06-02
Day 3 - Dinner in IsorakaEric Swensson2023-06-03
Travel ChallengesJeff Tetzlaff2023-06-03
Day 4 - WorshipEric Swensson2023-06-04
SeFAM Visit in AntsirabeEric Swensson2023-06-05
Day 6-Visiting the School for Visually ImpairedEric Swensson2023-06-06
Day 6-Caring for the Mentally IllEric Swensson2023-06-06
Day 7-Supporting ChildrenEric Swensson2023-06-07
Day 7-Healthcare MeetingEric Swensson2023-06-07
Day 8-ToliaraEric Swensson2023-06-08
Day 8-BezahaEric Swensson2023-06-09
Day 9-Manasoa Bible SchoolEric Swensson2023-06-10
Day 11-Evangelist ConferenceEric Swensson2023-06-11
Day 11-Evangelist Conference UpdateEric Swensson2023-06-12
Water, Children, Farewell DinnerEric Swensson2023-06-14
Trip Review and Returning HomeEric Swensson2023-06-15
Madagascar Travel Reflections from JeffJeff Tetzlaff2023-06-18
Back Without a ScratchEric Swensson2023-06-19
Reflections about Madagascar-Part 1David Lerseth2023-06-19
Reflections about Madagascar-Part 2David Lerseth2023-06-21