Micro-internships are a way for you or your group to volunteer your time to work on one of our many projects. The opportunities can be designed to fit the number of volunteers and the amount of time you would like to commit.

Some example opportunities are described below but we can work with you to create the opportunity that is best for you.
For more information contact our micro-internships coordinator.

Sharing About FOMM

  • Do a presentation in your church, school, or seminary to raise awareness of the work of FOMM and to let people know how they can get involved with one of FOMM's 10 project areas.
  • Use your video and audio editing talents to help FOMM produce a video.

Fund Raising

  • Hold a fundraiser at your church or in your community to support a FOMM project.
  • Research to identify trusts and funds where FOMM can apply for financial resources for projects.

Water Resource Management

  • Let your business or workplace "adopt a well" in Madagascar - i.e. raise funds to dig and maintain a well.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for marketing FOMM's "Living Water Project" including the audacious goal of digging 100 wells at $20,000 each.

Other Ideas

  • Consider a long-term, larger project with a group of colleagues or friends such as building a school, digging a well, sponsoring a girl to go to university.
  • Evaluate and offer suggestions/critiques on last year's Lenten packet. What needs updating or tweaking to increase use and effectiveness.
  • Develop strategies to increase/create awareness of Friends of Madagascar Mission with all its programs and projects to the next generation: to Christian colleges and universities, seminaries, and parochial schools - beginning with our Lutheran schools.