Child Prisoners

Prison Ministry Madagascar Progam

After much planning and prayer, FOMM is ready to launch a new emphasis in the Prison Ministry Madagascar (PMM) program. This program is for the children who are in prison for stealing vanilla beans.


Climate Phenomena

According to the Deputy Representative of UNICEF in Madagascar, the Big Island should increasingly get used to dealing with climatic phenomena or atmospheric events that drive weather patterns across the world. The country is among the ten countries most at risk of this problem. “Now we have to think about building a better understanding of the impact of climate change on people and on children in particular,” he said during an interview on the BBC. Over the past 35 years, no less than 50 cyclones have hit Madagascar, with devastating impacts and far-reaching socio-economic repercussions for the populations concerned.


Cyclone Freddy

Malagasy families are bracing for the strongest tropical storm in a decade as Cyclone Freddy heads for the country's east coast, putting more than two million people at risk, including one million children, warns Save the Children. Cyclone Freddy is expected to make landfall on Tuesday (February 21) as a Category 5 cyclone, with wind gusts of up to 165 mph, and could affect up to two million people living in its path. It is the strongest storm to form anywhere on Earth in 2023 and one of only five Category 5 storms on record in February, which could bring torrential rains, widespread flash flooding, dangerous landslides and even ...


Prison Ministry Project

Expansion of Prison Ministry

There are 83 prisons in the country. We help make this ministry possible at 17. For approximately $1,500.00 per year a new prison can become the site of a weekly ministry visit. We are searching for individuals, families, and congregations to adopt a new prison ministry. Please pray we find more sponsors.


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