Mission Trip in June!

Friends of Madagascar Mission's 2023 Education Mission Trip will take place from May 31 through June 15th. We will be visiting many of the FOMM supported mission programs.

We will be visiting with the Malagasy Lutheran Church leaders to learn about their mission goals, visit one of the 25 prisons FOMM supports and discuss with them about expanding the number of prisons and the work within each prison, hold discussions with SALFA (The Lutheran Medical Organization) about helping to build 3 new medical clinics in the south west, visit the SeFAM Lutheran Nursing School and discuss sending girls there on scholarships, a gathering of the 56 evangelists and other leaders to discuss evangelism, visit Ejeda Hospital and discuss the food and water issues, visit Manasoa Bible School to see the construction of the new campus, hold discussions on education for children and the drilling of new wells and repairing broken ones.

It is an ambitious two weeks, but a very important trip.

We invite you to:

  1. Pray for our trip and all the work that must be accomplished.
  2. We invite you to view our daily reports here on our FOMM website.

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