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Prison Ministry Madagascar Progam
After much planning and prayer, FOMM is ready to launch a new emphasis in the Prison Ministry Madagascar (PMM) program. This program is for the children who are in prison for stealing vanilla beans. They are promised a small amount of money if they will steal the vanilla beans. When they are caught, these children pay the price and the person who asked them to steal goes free. The children go directly to prison, which is the French judicial system used in Madagascar as a result of being a French colony for 70 years. This judicial system defines you as guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. How does a young child 6 or 10 or 12 years old have the ability to receive legal assistance? What happens is no one receives a quick trial, and the youngster languishes in prison, locked up in a small space when they should be in school, playing sports, and other activities.
As a result of this situation, FOMM has had a concern to set up a special prison ministry to work with these children. The goal of this program is a holistic concept to help them with legal issues, provide educational programs in literacy, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and teach them life skills through vocational training.
The ministry operates through a local Lutheran congregation in Antalaha. A group of 20 persons have been trained in how to lead the ministry for the prisoners. In order to equip this team FOMM has assembled a team of 4 persons who will arrive at Antalaha, Madagascar to begin working with the local Malagasy Lutheran Church (FLM) on March 8th. The team is led by a pastor from the Prison Ministry Madagascar, FOMM's Coordinator of Ministry Programs in Madagascar, an international expert in producing products and sold on the international market, and a literacy trainer.
Please keep these leaders, the members of the local church, and especially the children prisoners in your prayers as this program begins and continues.
You are also encouraged to provide financial support for the program.  Please use one of the options below to donate either through DonorView, PayPal or sending a check. 

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