Articles of Incorporation

The following is taken from FOMM's Articles of Incorporation describing our unique role and purpose


Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc. is intended to involve American Christians in continuing and expanding ministries with the Christians of Madagascar. This corporation will work to support mission and ministry in Madagascar and will respect the leadership, direction, and decision-making  processes of the Christians of Madagascar.


Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc. will seek to walk together with the Christians of Madagascar to strengthen their ministry and mission in reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In working towards that mission partnership, this will require:

  1. Listening to the church both in Madagascar and in the USA
  2. Supporting mission goals that are in harmony with the expectations of the churches in both Madagascar and the USA
  3. Learning from the church in Madagascar and bringing the stories of mission back to the USA churches
  4. Expecting transparency and accountability from both the church in Madagascar and the USA church


Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc. seeks to walk together with other ministries in the United States who share the vision of mission with the church and Christian people of Madagascar. Within a Christian framework of stewardship of resources and time, these linkages will provide assistance to the Christians in Madagascar and to their churches and institutions. Each individual's interest in Madagascar, and every congregation or mission partner organization retains its identity, but through working together we may:

  1. Share information about what each person or group is doing
  2. Support one another's interest and/or organization
  3. Promote each other's financial needs and fund raising projects for mission in Madagascar, if requested
  4. Establish specific mission projects for Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc. and establish fund raising goals
  5. Develop promotional materials and web sites that support Madagascar mission work
  6. Allow God to lead us into new and exciting ventures of mission


Working in partnership with the church in Madagascar, Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc. will:

  1. Assist the Christians and Churches in Madagascar to strengthen their mission and ministry, so that God through Jesus Christ may be glorified
  2. Support Madagascar initiatives to strengthen and build up Christ's witness
  3. Bring glory to Christ, the Lord of the Church
  4. Work together with the Christians and the church in Madagascar and respect them, their goals, policies and cultural practices, always remembering that we are guests in their midst

Statement of Faith:

Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc. believes that the canonical books of the Old and New Testament are the true and the final authority in all matters of faith and life. We subscribe to the Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles', Nicene and Athanasian Creeds.


Individuals, congregations and organizations involved in conducting the work of Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc.; those representing Friends of Madagascar Mission, Inc.; and those who go to Madagascar as volunteers are, by faith and by example, expected to be in accord with the above Statement of Faith.

(The above statements are a part of the Friends of Madagascar Mission's Articles of Incorporation)